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Meet the Mama Q&A with Renee Reynolds
Mama to Charli

For our first Q&A I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself.
My name is Renee and I am the Founder of Charli & the Cherubs.

I have always loved the world of social media and small business, and previously dabbled as a micro-influencer. It allowed me the opportunity to connect with small business owners and share my love of photography.

Since welcoming our daughter, Charlotte, into the world where there were endless possibilities of what a baby could need. Beautiful clothing, toys, things for the nursery and art. 

I've always loved giving gifts also and wanted to create a community where someone could come to find the perfect gift, find out a little more about other Mum's and Dad's and even a cheeky recipe.

Naming the business was easy, I wanted to incorporate Charlotte but also my Mum who sadly passed away 2 days before Charlotte entered the world. My Mum would always call me "Cherub", so I thought "Charli & the Cherubs" has a pretty good ring to it - I think she would be pretty proud!

A little more about me;
1. Tell us a little about your birth story
Charlotte entered the world in dramatic fashion via emergency c-section. I was very open to the birth process and was happy to do whatever was needed to have her safely in my arms. If I had the chance to redo the birth I wouldn't change a thing.

2. What did you crave the most when you were pregnant?
Definitely deli meats, I wanted all the ham!

3. Biggest advice for someone who is about to have a baby?
You really won't need the 20 bags you've packed for the hospital. I had 3 packed and I think I only used a couple of things in the whole 3 days we were there.

4. What’s the best item you purchased for baby?
It was a gifted lamb comforter from Nanny & Poppy, Charlotte absolutely adores it and as soon as it touches her cheek she is asleep - magic!

5. Describe your baby in a single sentence.
Funny, happy and easy going!

6. What are some of challenges you’ve faced since becoming a mum?
Definitely lack of sleep, we are lucky Charlotte is a great sleeper but still it can be tiring jumping up in the freezing cold ha!

7. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mum?
My lack of patience. I always thought I was a pretty patient person but it can be challenging trying to work out why your little one is crying when you feel like you've tried everything. It has definitely gotten better as I've learnt more about Charlotte and her little personality.

8. The best advice you could give someone about to become a new mum?
Try not to google everything, if in doubt speak with your doctor. They will be the best source of information and peace of mind - not Dr Google!

Feel free to reach out to me at if you would like to chat or have any questions.

Next week on the blog - Easy Pizza Muffins!

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