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Meet the Mama Q&A with Hayley
Mama to Esme & Enzo

Today, we are chatting with Hayley from @boldlymama.

We first met (online as Hayley is from the United States!) when we were both doing natural/organic beauty blogging. Over the last 2 years both of us joined motherhood and I have absolutely loved how brave and raw Hayley is when sharing her journey through motherhood.

Hayley is also an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula.

Hayley's instagram is full of uplifting, real content. The stuff every Mama needs to read and see. I honestly tell everyone I chat to, to follow Hayley. Even on random Facebook pages that ask about influencers to follow. You could say, I am one of her biggest fans ha!

Hayley, lovely to have you on our #meetthemama Q&A. Tell us a little about yourself and your family!
My name is Hayley and I am a full-time mama to my one year old twins, Enzo and Esme!

Twins! I can certainly understand that would lead to very busy days for you!
Can you tell us about your birth story, would you change or do anything differently?
I'd like to say I wouldn't change anything, but I honestly would.
I had a very strong "go with the flow" mentality, so I really didn't prepare much at all. When my water broke at 35 weeks during the peak of the pandemic, I ended up laboring alone for hours without support or knowledge of how to get myself through it. The entire experience was rather traumatic and I definitely wish I would have better prepared and advocated for myself more.

I remember seeing your stories when you were admitted, and having to wear a face mask while having contractions. That alone would have been full on!
What was the hardest thing you found about being pregnant?
Twin pregnancy was incredibly uncomfortable in every sense of the word! The physical changes my body went through to carry two babies were immense!

I can only imagine. It is incredible what our bodies are capable of. What did you crave the most when you were pregnant?
I could hardly eat, but I craved bacon, avocados, and sour candy the most!

How funny, reflecting on my own pregnancy I don't think I could have stomached bacon at all - even though I love it!
Life with twins, what’s the best item you purchased for your bubs?
The Twin-Z pillow is truly a life-saver for any breastfeeding twin mama! It makes tandem feeding a million times more comfortable.

Tell us something you've purchased that you haven't used?
A changing table. I've always changed them on the floor!

I was the same until we moved, and I ended up getting one for the bedroom. I do agree though, changing them on the floor is much easier!
I was mum-shamed the other day, over our solids journey. Have you ever been mum-shamed?
Someone online made a comment about how terrible it was that I let them hangout in a bouncer. But they're walking, crawling, and dancing just fine!

Honestly, sometimes people just don't get it do they! What are some of challenges you’ve faced since becoming a mum?
Rediscovering myself outside of motherhood and taking deeper care of myself! It's a challenge, but necessary and so worth it.

I think that is something we all struggle with. Especially first time mums, where we are suddenly handed this new hat we need to wear, alongside all the other hats! What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mum?
How different my mind, body, and spirit would become.

What has been the best thing about becoming a mum?
Learning more about these two beautiful people I created every day.

Isn't exciting watching them learn about this whole new world and what they can do. What is the best advice you could give someone about to become a new mum?
With the birth of baby comes the birth of mama, and she needs to be held too. Don't forget to take care of yourself and set up plenty of support before baby arrives. You've got this!

Thank you Hayley! You are a true inspiration for all of us Mama's and soon to be Mama's.

If you would like to follow Hayley's journey, you can do so here @boldlymama and on her website.

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