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Meet the Mama Q&A with Elle
Mama to Harlow & Billy

Good Morning and happy Monday!
Many of you will have little cherubs returning to or starting school today.

Thinking of you all, you may feel a little overwhelmed and scared given the current "covid climate" but I am sure our little cherubs will be fine!

Hopefully you will be able to have a couple of minutes to yourself to sit, reflect, enjoy a hot (ok warm, maybe coolish) coffee and have a read of this weeks #meetthemama.

Today we chat with Elle, who is a Mama to Harlow and Billy. Elle also has a stunning instagram called @el.creativ - it is so relaxing scrolling through as there are some absolutely stunning interior images!

Thank you for joining us today! Let's begin - tell us a little about yourself!
Hi! My name is Elle and I’m 34. My husband Luke and I have been married for 8 years and we have two beautiful children; Harlow (5 years old) and Billy (3 years old).

Love, love your little cherubs names - so beautiful! 
Tell us a little about your work/life balance.
I am a busy SAHM who has a passion for all things interiors! I’m currently completing a Certificate 4 in Interior Decoration which I’m absolutely loving, and I also dabble in product photography.

I adore your photos - as I mentioned above, they are stunning! I was so pleased when you said yes to our chat as I am a big fan over here hehe!
Let's chat now about your little cherubs, any crazy cravings during pregnancy?
To be honest I didn’t really have any cravings with Harlow, but with Billy I craved maltesers! Had to have a bag of them handy in the pantry at all times haha! 

Haha, that's brilliant - yum! I haven't had a malteser in AGES, I will need to pop them on the shopping list now!
What is one piece of advice you would give to an expecting Mama?
My biggest pieces of advice would be not to listen to all the horror stories surrounding birth. I was induced both times and couldn’t have asked for better experiences! 
Do what feels right for you and your bub - it’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to others. No one knows your baby better than you!

Agreed - I think listening to those types of stories can lead to a lot of anxiety. It's important Mama's remember they are on their own journey and in safe hands.
How would you describe your little cherubs?
Harlow - independent, caring and a beautiful soul.
Billy - cheeky, entertaining, affectionate and full of love!

Our girls end up being so independent! 
What have you found to be the most surprising thing since becoming a Mama?
The most surprising thing about becoming a mum is the amount of love you feel for your children. After having Harlow I would always think; how could I possibly have any more love to give? But sure enough, you do and it’s the most amazing feeling!

So so true, I look at Charli and just have this overwhelming amount of love for her.
What is something you've found challenging since becoming a Mama?
The hardest thing about being a mum would be lack of sleep when Billy came along. He didn’t like to sleep. At all! I was running on empty for the first year and a half and felt I couldn’t give Harlow the attention and one on one time she needed. Major mum guilt there. 

From speaking with a few Mama's now, those with more than one little cherub have spoken of this and trying to give all their cherubs their time - especially when running on empty!
Best thing about becoming a Mama?
The best thing about being a mum is watching their little personalities come out and to see the happiness in their eyes. The cuddles and love they have for you. It gives me all the feels!

I am still waiting for Charli to love cuddles haha! I agree, I love watching her little eyes and face light up when she see's something that makes her happy - it's the best!

Thank you so much for joining us Elle and sharing a little about you - it's been lovely!

Looking for home Inso? Beautifully curated images?
You can follow Elle's beautiful instagram (@el.creativ) HERE.

Have a beautiful week all!


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