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Meet the Mama Q&A with Shauna
Mama to Tara

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

This week feels like it is going to be incredible - I will be making a Pavlova for the blog to share with you all, working on our Mother's Day Gift Boxes and we are extending the amazing giveaway for another week (now ending the 25th - woot!).

We maybe 3 weeks into 2022 - but I am finally feeling pumped!

Today we are chatting with Shauna, Mama to Tara. 
Shauna shares her mama journey over on her instagram @raisinghulls - it is a beautiful feed, with Tara's gorgeous smile featuring in quite a few photos!

Welcome Shauna, thank you for joining us today on #meetthemama!
We are excited for you to share your story with us all, tell us a little about you and your family.
My name is Shauna. I have a gorgeous husband and an even more gorgeous 10 month old baby Tara. Hubby is a carpenter who runs his own business and I am a primary teacher turned SAHM, and Tara, well she's a baby! She doesn't do anything yet (lazy haha). 

Haha I remember Charli, before she was crawling and walking - those were the days and when I think about it, the easy days haha!
Please share with us your birth story, is there anything you would change?
Going into birth I always wanted to feel confident and happy with what happens. I wanted to try and get through it without pain relief to really see what my body is capable of. And boy did I achieve that! It was a real testament to my mental strength and I am so proud of myself for doing it. But next time, I'll be happily asking for the epidural haha. I had significant blood loss and an episiotomy but overall I was happy and confident about what happened and the decisions I had to make just as I had hoped. 

Wow, go Mama - what an achievement. It's wonderful to see how happy you are with how little Tara came into the world. I think the key word here is confident, and perhaps something that many new mama's lack - the confidence to trust their body and what we are capable of.
What was the hardest thing you found about being pregnant?
It's a bit broad but honestly every stage had its own challenge and that's what I found hard. Just as I stopped feeling nauseous and tired 24/7, the sciatica pain started, then just as that settled down, the swollen feet and uncomfortable sleep happened. It was wonderful to watch my body grow and change but I also felt very much not in control which was hard for me.  

True, and I agree - for me a lot of it was the unknown, what was going to happen next and also not being able to control certain aspects. 
What is the biggest piece of advice you would give someone, who is about the welcome their own little cherub into the world?
Do not google ANYTHING! I mean it, nothing! Follow your gut and don't listen to the 'shoulds' of having a baby. Babies are not robots, there is nothing they 'should' be doing. Let go of trying to make it all work and just follow your bubs lead. Some days will be pure magic and some days will be pure hell and it will be tempting to google 'why isn't my baby sleeping?' but it will just cause you more heartache! 

YES! Love this - I admit I was a Google Queen haha but in the end just decided to try and trust my body. Plus the Nurses at the hospital were great when I really wasn't sure of something.
Must haves for your hospital bag?
Three words - two metre charger! Thank me later. 

HAHA! Brilliant, Ladies and Gentlemen you heard it here first - pack that 2 metre long charger!
Best hack you've found for everyday life with a little cherub?
Contact napping. Forget the washing, forget the cleaning, forget the rules and just soak up that time with your bub. Get that rest Mama! 

Agreed! I think the media and books (and even social media) puts a lot of pressure on Mama's to get home and get back into "normal life" but really, we should just be able to rest. You're right, the washing can wait!
What's the best item you've purchased for your little cherub?
So many wonderful items but I would say the best for convenience has been a baby carrier. I always grab mine out when I need to do a quick dash to the shops or when Tara is being particularly clingy at home - I can just pop her in and get on with what I was doing. She loves the closeness. Also baby carrier naps are so precious. 

A lot of Mama's have said this about the baby carriers, I was a little late to the party but have really loved using it at the shops and being able to give Charli a different "aspect" when we are out and about.
What have you found to be the hardest thing about being a Mama?
All the hard parts about becoming a mum surprisingly have nothing to do with the actual baby. It's everything else! The societal pressure, knowing what 'advice' to follow but most of all being 'on' all of the time! There is no break for us day or night, especially if you are a SAHM like I am. We are on call 24/7 for the baby, for the house, for our family and for our partner and switching off is next to impossible. That's why finding 'me' time anytime I can is so important to me! 

That's it, being "on" all the time. It can be challenging 100%.
What has been the best thing about becoming a Mama?
There is so much to love but I truly do think it all comes back to love. I unconditionally love that little human I have created and watching her learn, explore, be a gremlin some days and an angel other days and loving her through it all is the best thing ever. Also seeing how much she loves me in return when she reaches out to be picked up, instantly settles in my arms after crying or watches me as I walk around the room. It is the most challenging task in the world but she makes it all worth it. 

Being their "person" who they go to when they are learning something new and need to show you, hurt themselves or scared really makes it worth it. Helping this little person grow and learn - I love it!

Thank you Shauna for sharing your story and beautiful images of you and Tara. 
You can follow Shauna and Tara over at @raisinghulls

I hope everyone has a beautiful week, I can just feel it's going to be amazing!


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