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Meet the Mama Q&A with Nikki
Mama to Elle & Furmama to Ned

Happy Valentine's Day!

What has everyone got on today? I am having a friend over, with her 6 month old for a little Valentines Day lunch - Laksa and Dumplings - YUMMO!

Today we are chatting with Nikki, Mama to Elle and Furmama to Ned. Such a cute little family, and Nikki takes such lovely photos of Elle - shared on her instagram @nikkichester_

Welcome Nikki, Happy Valentines Day! Can you start by telling us a little more about your lovely little family?
I live with my fiancé (recently engaged), baby girl Elle who is 3 months old and our dog Ned. We live in southern Tasmania and it’s a beautiful little beach town. We can see the water from our house and some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. My entire family live in Queensland, so it’s been quite hard being down her with just my partner and his parents but it’s getting easier, luckily they are the best support ever. This year, we are planning a wedding, a kitchen reno, an extension to the house on top of raising a new baby - are we crazy or mad keen to get things done?

Wow, 2022 sure is a year for getting things done for you. What an adventure already moving, and raising little Elle.
We would love to hear about your birth story!
It's a bit of a long one, but I’ll shorten it as much as I can. I was booked in for induction on Friday 13th August at 4pm. I woke up to some cramping at about 430am (13/8) I had two and got up went to the toilet laid back down and another come at 4:45. I waited again and another came so I work my partner up it was about 4:55am now so we started tracking at 5am as they were pretty consistent and came on quickly. We headed up to our hospital as it’s over an hour away. Still getting contractions about every 4-5mins lasting up to a minute. We got put into our birth suite and I was checked at 12pm I was 2cm 🙄
At 3:30pm I asked for gas as it’d been over 10 hours. I got in the shower again and at 4/4:30pm I was checked again(in bed) I was finally in active labour, 4cm. Showered some more and the midwife got the bath ready. 6pm I got in the birth pool and they could see that kite shape above my tail bone. So the midwife started to prepare all the things she needed for birth. I could feel my body have an urge to push (I didn’t though) and straight after my heart started racing, the midwife came and checked and she had to call a MET call. All I remember is trying to get out of the pool, some bloody show and getting on the bed. Lights went on, machines hooked up to my belly and an ECG machine to me. Doctors, OB, nurses, anaesthetist the lot come in. IV hooked up with fluids and bloods taken. My heart slowed down and all was ok. 8pm I was checked again I was 8cm woohoo I swear I hadn’t opened my eyes for hours, my contractions were on top of each other. 11:30pm another check and I was still 8cm, I was defeated but kept pushing through contractions sucking on gas. They broke my waters finally and there was some meconium, they weren’t too concerned about bub.

By midnight I asked for epidural, the anaesthetist come in at 1am and administered epidural in one go, instant relief I felt human again. They had to start Syntocinon because my labour had slowed down. By 330am (14/8) I was 9cm the OB gave me the option on c-section or keep going. I chose to keep trying so by 5:15am I was 10cm YAY!! They got me to wait the hour because of the drip and epidural. I then pushed for an hour and by 7:15am the call and decision was made for a caesarean. 
I was wheeled down at 8am and but 8:45am our girl Elle was born.

What an incredible journey to go through to welcome Elle, and such strength. I am constantly amazed by our strength and resilience!
Are you currently a stay at home mum or juggling home and work life?
I am very fortunate that I can stay at home at home with Elle.

What did you crave the most when you were pregnant?
Carrots and so much fruit, like stone fruit and strawberries! So lucky they’re in season at the time.

Yum!! Carrots - I haven't had that one, but such a great thing to snack on!
What are the must haves for a new Mama's hospital bag?
Adult nappies!!!! Size up though. My partner went down to the mall across the road and bought me everything because I wasn’t prepared for a caesarean. Black high waisted granny undies (which I still wear to this day because they’re incredibly comfortable) loose and thin clothing. Comfy nursing crops for breast feeding because that’s all you do at the start.

Agree with sizing up! I found the sizing didn't match "regular" sizing - great tip!
What has been the most exciting milestone your little cherub has reached? 
Giggling and interacting has been so much fun!

I think a little cherubs giggle and laugh, could possibly be the best thing in the world - the best!
What has been the best item you purchased for your little cherub?
A Baby Bjorn Bouncer with toys! I didn’t have this until she was about a month old. I use it all the time!!!!!!! So good!

We ended up getting one also, was great to have so Charli could sit up and take the world in!
What would be your advice for someone about to become a new Mama? 
Just to take it all in. I remember those first few weeks with breast feeding and continuously waking up was so difficult and I wanted it to be over with already. Once we hit that 5-6week mark it was a game changer, she started sleeping through the night, the feeds got spaced out more, she was a lot more settled and we could do things. Most incredible thing and it’s ok to not have the house work done and just to cuddle on the lounge.

Agreed, as Dory says - just keep swimming!

Thank you Nikki for your time and sharing a little piece of your world!

I hope everyone has a beautiful day!



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