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Meet the Mama Q&A with Natalie
Mama to Lily

Happy New Year!

After sharing the delicious Katherine Sabbath Fantale Cookies last week, we are jumping right into our next #meetthemama Q&A.

Today we are chatting with Natalie (@natalie_1703js), who is a Mama to Lily (and her two furbabies Jax & Ollie). 

Welcome Natalie, thank you for being our first #meetthemama for 2022! Can you please start off by telling us a little about your family?
I am a mumma to a beautiful girl, Lily who is 1. Married to my partner of almost 8 years. We live on a large rural property in northern nsw.

Image by Denis Banks Photography

I love LOVE the photos you share of your hometown, especially the ones with the cows (I love cows!).
Tell us a little about your birth story, is there anything you would change or do differently?
I had an elected caesarean due that ended up being 3 weeks early after going into early Labour. I wish I had thought to ask to get photos of the moment bub was brought out but it all happened really quickly.

It really does, it surprises me how fast they can make things happen.
Are you currently a stay at home mum (SAHM) or juggling work and home life?
Currently a SAHM but possibly returning to work shortly. I have been off work since the start of 2020 due to covid - around the same time I found out I was pregnant with bub.

Ahh Covid, its wreaked havoc in our lives but it has allowed some of us to have more time with our babes. I was lucky as it allowed me to work from home, and being high risk this made things a lot easier!
A couple of things that helped when I had bub was that I had made meals and froze them so we didn't have worry about what to have for dinner while adjusting to life with a baby. I also prepared our animal foods into individual bags so hubby could feed them as that's usually my job. 
Something I wished I had when I had bub was a nappy caddy to have a change station on the go. I now have a @bunniecaddie nappy caddie and it's perfect for holding all essential items from nappies to breast pump or water and snacks. I'll definitely be getting a second one when we have another bub.

That's a great tip with the remade meals, something I didn't do and looking back wish I did - we ordered a lot of takeaway ha!
What were your must haves for your hospital bag?
Must haves;
Something comfy to wear especially if you have had a caesarean - I wore nighties with buttons for easy bf access. 
Pad pants are also amazing and easy. 
Snacks are handy especially if you give birth during the night. 
I wish I hadn't packed as much and organised my bags abit better to make things easier to access. 

So true about the snacks! I packed Apple Juice and it was so handy as the nurses were able to provide ice and it kept me going!
What is an exciting milestone your little cherub has reached?
Just yesterday (2/11/2021), she started really getting into walking on her own. I never thought it would be possible to be so proud.

Little Charli is so close to walking, it's the best watching them learn all these new skills!
What’s the best item you purchased for baby?
1st - A baby wrap (mine is from @bubbabump). I loved baby wearing when bub was a newborn, it was soo handy when she would fight sleep or I had to quickly duck into the shops without having to lug a pram around.  
2nd - Ingenuity Baby swing - perfect for helping bub sleep especially for those that liked to be rocked. 
3rd - My nappy caddie (from @bunniecaddie) so handing having everything I need in the one spot - easy to just chuck in the car - carry stuff to another room etc.

Image by Denis Banks Photography

Great tips! I have linked them above if anyone is interested in checking out Natalie's suggestions!
Describe your cherub in a single sentence.
No other way to describe her other than she is her father's child haha, cheeky and full of character. 

Haha! Charli is exactly the same, all I see is her Daddy when I look at her. They even pull all the same faces!
What are some of challenges you’ve faced since becoming a mum?
Due to living out of town the biggest challenge has been isolation, caring for a newborn and being away from other people. Another challenge was adjusting to functioning on little sleep. 

I see so many Mama's talk about the sleep deprivation - I don't think anyone truly understands it until your little cherub(s) arrive.
What has been the best thing about becoming a mum?
The best thing about becoming a mum is that you get to experience a love that is like no other. You feel proud with every accomplishment and milestone. It's hard to believe something so small could make such a big difference in your life - having this tiny little person depend on you for everything. 

So beautiful! Thank you so much for your time Natalie and for sharing a little about your mama journey. The tips above are great and I am sure our little community will love them!

Wishing you all a beautiful week!


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