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Meet the Mama Q&A with Melissa
Mama to Archer

After the weeks of rain we have had, really hoping for some sunshine! At this rate Charli won't have worn any of her summer clothes - ha!

Today we chat with the beautiful Melissa, Mama to Archer.
We connected on Instagram, where Melissa shares some absolutely beautiful photos of her and Archer!

Thank you for chatting with us today Melissa, can you start by telling us a little more about you and your family?
We are a family of 3 living in Sunny QLD- myself, my Fiance and our son Archer who has just turned 9 months old. We spend a lot of time outdoors and love camping and the beach.

Archer is such a cutie - what a smile!
Tell us about your birth story, is there anything you would change or do differently?
 was lucky enough to have nearly my ideal natural birth- I had done a lot of hypnobirthing practice which really helped me to stay calm and not focus on the pain. It was a lot quicker than I thought it would be- I was one day overdue when my waters broke at home at 9.30am and my son was born by 6pm. I laboured at home in the shower as long as I could until my contractions got quite intense and a couple of minutes apart.  I then went up to the local hospital and my midwife had the birthing pool ready for me. I had planned on having a water birth but had to get out right at the end as they thought I wasn’t pushing hard enough in the water. That would probably be the only thing I would change but it was still the most amazing experience and definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Incredible, I can only imagine how comfortable (if that's the right word ha!) you would have been at home for most of your labour.
Are you currently a SAHM or juggling work and home life?
Currently a SAHM and loving it! But I am hoping to return back to work part time later next year.

Same! I don't even mind the copious amounts of washing I do each day.
What were your "must-haves" for your hospital bag?
Snacks and my water bottle! I packed a few packets of lollies and other healthier snacks and they were so good to keep my energy up throughout labour and by the time I was done I was starving and had missed the hospitals dinner so was glad I had some food to eat straight after. Also comfy pjs and your own towel for that first shower!

Ah yes, your own towel. Something I didn't pack but on reflection would have been great - the hospital towels are so tiny!
What has been the best item you've purchased for Archer?
His little ‘Bubba Cloud’ for those first few months, you have somewhere for them to sleep or lay safely within view while you get some things done.

We used something similar, was very handy on the lounge where we could keep a watchful eye on Charli!
Describe Archer in a single 
My very own little ray of sunshine.

Agreed - as I mentioned above his smile is beautiful!
What would you say has been the hardest part about becoming a mama?
Definitely adjusting to not having much time to do the things you used to love and having someone depend on you 24/7. And also living away from my family, not having support close by when you need it can be tough.

And on the flip side, what has been the best thing about becoming a mama?
All of it - It's definitely been the most amazing journey and I love watching him learn new things every day and grow into his own little person.

Finally Melissa, what's the best advice you would give someone about to become a mama?
Trust your instincts and try to enjoy the experience and not stress about the small stuff. The first few weeks with a newborn are hard but it all flies by so fast so soak in all the little moments and cuddles while you can. Try to remember that things will get easier, you will get more sleep eventually, the pain will go away (those first few days of breastfeeding are the worst) and when your little baby looks up at you with that sweet little face it will all feel worth it.

It's so true, the quote "the days are long but the years go fast" is spot on and 100 accurate. The hard times don't last forever!

Thank you for sharing your time with us Melissa! 

You can follow Melissa and Archer over on Melissa's instagram @mel_chalk and see little Archers face light up your feed!

Have a beautiful week!


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