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Meet the Mama Q&A with Hollie
Mama to twins, Lola & Harry

Happy Wednesday!

We have had a few weeks off from our #meetthemama series over at Charli & the Cherubs HQ however we are back and chatting with the beautiful Hollie (@country lifewithtwins) who is Mama to twins, Lola & Harry.

Grab a cuppa and settle in for a lovely read.

Thank you for joining us Hollie, apologies for the late posting of our chat!
We would love to hear a little more about you and your little family!
I’m a first time Mum and live in country Victoria with my fiancé. We live on an acreage and enjoy the space and quiet of living a country lifestyle. We both had hopes to raise our children in the country and made the move from the hustle and bustle 2 years ago.

Little did we know we would soon be welcoming our beautiful twins Lola & Harry. 

Before becoming a twin mum I was a crazy dog Mum, still am, I’m just a crazy dog & twin Mum now!


When I was looking for at the photos for the interview, I saw your most recent one with your dog, Charlie - the absolute cutest!
Can you share with us your birth story, did it go to plan and is there anything you would change?
I had an amazing birthing experiencing and was fortunate to carry Lola & Harry to full term and had a scheduled c-sec at exactly 37 weeks.
The moment I first saw Lola I cried, it wasn’t beautiful, it was best described as ugly uncontrollable crying! I have photos of this moment and despite my ugly crying face I absolutely love them. They encapsulate being truly overcome with emotion, emotions I had never felt before. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. 4 minutes later the crying continued as Harry was born. I had to try and stop crying so I could actually look at my babies. It’s safe to say I have never shed so many tears in my life as I did in that first week. I cried over anything and everything, happy & sad tears. I had nurses, doctors and even the cleaner crying with me! 

Those photos sound beautiful, and no doubt will hold a special place in your heart. The best kind of photos are those that capture the moment - just as it is!
Are you currently juggling work and home life?
I am still on maternity leave as I took 12 months off work. I’m an accountant working as a financial sustainability coordinator. I am hoping to return part time so I can be present in my twins life as much as possible. My dream is to start a photography business.

Treasure every moment as these first 12 months are going to go so fast!
What did you find, the hardest about being pregnant?
I hated the idea of being pregnant, everything about it freaked me out. I was lucky to not experience any sickness however I did have some other health concerns.
I struggled with the idea of my body changing so much and was not prepared for how much the body actually goes through.  I developed a pyogenic granuloma on my face which I had to have surgically removed. I had pregnancy eczema around my eyes for 2 months. However those last 6 weeks were horrendous. I felt as though I was going to become one with the couch as I was in excruciating pain and in the end couldn’t walk properly. I have a bad back and pregnancy aggravated this intensely. I was rolling around the house on an office chair. I was also incredibly uncomfortable with swelling right up to my thighs. I developed pre-eclampsia post birth, 4 days after giving birth, the morning I was to be discharged, my BP was very high and I was kept in for a week until my BP was under control with medication. It was very scary considering the cure, so to speak, is to birth and I had already done that. It was literally a matter of hoping my body would catch up. 

Wow, that sounds so challenging and scary. Especially as you mention the actual cure is giving birth and you'd already done that. What a relief your body did what it needed and you were able to head home.
What did you crave the most when you were pregnant?
I didn’t have any food cravings but couldn’t get enough really cold water, milk and frozen cokes! 

YUM! Milk was one of mine also!
What would you say has been your number one purchase for your little cherubs?
Hands down as a twin mum, co-sleepers on wheels that fold up into a travel bag! They have been an absolute lifesaver in so many aspects. I can wheel them around the house with me in the same sleeper, I would bring them into the bathroom whilst I showered or cooked dinner. They will grow out of them very soon and will then need to transition to their room in their cots and I’m still coming to terms with the reality of that happening. 

I felt the same way once Charli moved to her own room, I couldn't quite believe how fast it all happened!
Best hack for life as a twin mum?
Organisation & routine! Especially as a twin mum, you have to be organised, always one step ahead. Keeping to a routine but not being so strict it creates undue stress. There definitely still needs to be an element of flexibility and going with the flow because the reality is things don’t always go to plan. 

I still struggle with this, just as we get into a routine - BAM another milestone happens and changes it all up!
Have you ever experienced "mum shaming"?
My daughter Lola has developed Bracycephaly (flat spot) which was caused by torticollis (tight neck). I was told it would sort itself out and wasn’t told about the possibility of her having a tight neck being the cause. It was an osteo who we took Lola to for reflux that discovered her tight neck and treated her successfully. Unfortunately it was too late and her flat spot was too severe. We have had to see a private specialist to undergo helmet therapy. The lack of information and misinformation was disappointing and the final straw was to be told that I should hold Lola more.

That is so disappointing, especially as a Mama you are already doing everything you can for your little cherubs. Some of the "experts" really have no tact when speaking to new Mums.
What have you found to be the hardest thing about becoming a mum?
Having no time to yourself, always being ‘on’. I describe it as never being able to turn off and the idea of having time to yourself is when you do the grocery shopping on your own. 

So true, and even then you have to be "on" to make sure you don't forget anything!
What would you say has been the best thing about becoming a Mama?
I couldn’t even narrow it down. The feeling of loving two tiny humans like you never imagined. Before becoming a Mum I experienced love in many forms but nothing can describe the love you feel for your children. I genuinely feel so blessed to have twins and I’m grateful everyday to be their Mum. I find joy in the smallest fleeting moments and it honestly just keeps getting better and better. 

It can be as simple as them turning to you with a smile, or seeing them try something for the first time - that fills my heart with love too!

Thank you so much for joining us Hollie, it's been lovely hearing from a twin Mama!

You can follow along Hollie's journey on her instagram @countrylifewithtwins

Have a lovely week!


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