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Meet the Mama Q&A with Gemma
Mama to Xander and Elijah

Good Morning, happy Monday! Can you believe just how close we are to Christmas - it's crazy!

Today we are chatting with Gemma, Mama to Xander and Elijah.
Gemma also runs a beautiful business called White Light Candles and Gifts that specialises in beautiful body moisturising candles - you can literally burn the candle, then use the wax as a body moisturiser as it's made with shea butter and other lovely ingredients, how cool is that!

Hi Gemma! Thank you for joining us for a little chat, I can only imagine just how busy you would be in the lead up to Christmas!
Tell us a little more about yourself and your little family!
My name is Gemma and I have two boys Xander 3yrs & Elijah 21months, my boys are half Italian and half Greek. 

I adore their beautiful names!
Are you a SAHM or juggling work and home life?
I’m a stay at home mum working full time on my business White Light Candles & Gifts. Before my small business I was a Teacher for 7 years, and I loved it!

Wow! You are our third teacher to have on Meet the Mama - I love it!
Can you share with us your birth story? Is there anything you would change or do differently if you could?
Both boys I had naturally, my first birth was more traumatic than my second. I was in labour for four days and pushing for almost 3 hours I ended up needing an episiotomy. I guess because it was my first I didn’t know how to push or what to expect. I was exhausted, sleep deprived and running off adrenaline. I would definitely change my mentality going into my first birth. I was scared and so overwhelmed by it all. I would tell myself to breathe, breathe deeply, go within and really focus on my thoughts and my space around me. Create a positive environment and learn breath work. Hypnobirthing really helped me with my second child, I had such quick and positive experience. 

It can be so incredibly challenging giving birth for the first time, I know I didn't really prepare - I just went with it and I agree with the breathing. I wish I had prepared to breathe better and work through the contractions. A 4 day labour, you my friend are incredible!
Describe your little cherubs in a single sentence.
Extremely Affectionate, Little Pocket Rockets, Determined & Adventurous. 

Ha! Pocket rockets, I love that. 
Have you ever been mum shamed?
I have, and it came with my second bub for breastfeeding him past one. Of course I didn’t listen he’s almost two! You do you mama, what works best for you and your child may not work for someone else. Don’t shame just embrace their journey. 

It's so important we try and remember that "what works best for you, may not for someone else" because it is so true.
What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mum?
How much love you have for these little humans. The love you have for your baby nothing will ever compare, at all times you have this shield of love wrapped around them wanting to protect them in any way you can! 

What have you found to be the hardest thing about being a mum?
Not having my mum around, she passed just before I got married. I would love to have her lean on and learn from, but also I feel going from only looking after yourself to taking a step back and putting yourself essentially last because your bub is your first priority. 

I can definitely agree with this, and I know we have spoken about this offline, but this would have to be the hardest thing I've had to deal with also. Even if for the little things, like having a little chat or even having Mum to show you her own tips.
Would you say you've changed as a person since your little cherubs joined the world?
I feel I have completely changed! Mentally, emotionally and of course physically. My boys are my world, I have become a lot more patient, open, accepting & loving towards myself. I am so proud of how my body grew my boys why show hate towards it for having a ‘ mum pouch’ or few stretch marks. My body is my autobiography, each stretch mark tells a story of growth and becoming. My skin is a silent conversation of how much I have accomplished. 

If you could share some of your patience with me, that would be great! It's something I still struggle with, but I am learning more each day.
What has been the best thing about becoming a mum?
Seeing my boys grow each day into their own person, the way they go about life with pure love & happiness. We all could benefit from seeing the world our babies do. 

Seeing the world through Charli's eyes. Her face when she sees something for the first time, how it lights up is just the best!
What is the best advice you could give someone about to become a new Mama?
Take each moment as it comes, don’t stress about today’s laundry, ride the wave and allow yourself to cry, allow yourself to feel confused and overwhelmed. We have so much pressure on ourselves to ‘bounce back’,  your not just a mama your a beautiful human too! Your feelings are valid, your body is beautiful you just housed and birthed a baby! Take time for yourself, to reenergise. Being a mum can be tough but remember in the eye of your child no one can do it better then you. 

Thank you so much Gemma, I have loved our chat and how raw and honest you have been with us all.
If you would like to follow Gemma's beautiful business, you can do so here @whitelightcandlesandgifts

Have a beautiful week, and as always please reach out if you'd like to chat!


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