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Meet the Mama Q&A with Danni
Mama to Gianni and Ilaria

Happy Monday!!

Today we are chatting with Danni, Mama to Gianni and Ilaria.
Danni runs an online store specialising in Mum and Bub Gift Boxes, Gigi and Lara. You can find beautifully packaged gifts in pinks, blues and gender neutral colours.
We connected on social media, supporting and cheering each other on, and just this last Friday Danni launched her own website (you can find it here)!

I've always believed in supporting other small business owners, especially women and I am so grateful for the friendships I make along the way. My friendship with Danni has blossomed into something amazing - where we both are in each corners cheering each other on!

Thank you for joining us Danni, tell us a little more about your family.
Hello, I'm Danni. I am 32 years old, and live in Camden NSW. My husband Michael and I have been married for 3 years and we have two children together; Gianni (2.5years old) and Ilaria (13 months old). We live on acreage with 5 dogs and 7 sheep, there is never a dull moment on the farm. 

I am jealous - the photos you share are so beautiful. A dream to be on acreage!
Are you a SAHM or juggling work and home life?
I am a SAHM since I left my full time job in childcare after having my son Gianni. I've now started my own small business, Gigi and Lara selling Giftboxes for bubs and mums. The idea behind Gigi and Lara is to support other small businesses within NSW by incorporating their products in my giftboxes.
All items are handmade, Australian products and of natural materials.

I love that, as mentioned above I think its so important supporting small businesses - we are all in this together!
Describe your little cherubs in a single sentence.
The most observant little humans with funny personalities who continue to surprise me daily. 

So true, everyday Charli surprises me with something. Yesterday it was me finding her eating the carpet - haha!
What was the hardest thing you found about being pregnant?
Oh, I really didn't enjoy my pregnancies.  The 2nd one was less enjoyable than the first as I was sick up until half way with her.
For me I found the hardest part was sleeping as I am a belly sleeper and I suffered from Irritable Leg Syndrome, heartburn (mostly at night) and insomnia.
I still can't sleep on my tummy and it makes me sad, I so loved sleeping on it.
What did you crave the most when you were pregnant? 
McFlurry's from Macca's and now I'm just not that into them haha. 

Isn't that always the way? I craved ham and prawns, and while I still enjoy them it still really isn't the same for me.
What’s the best item you purchased for little cherubs?
My pram! We knew we wanted to have our children close together so we bought the Bugaboo Donkey. I can set it up for one child and a basket or as a double! It's the best thing ever, I just leave all the parts in the car and set it up accordingly.  Saved me from having to purchase a pram, a stroller, and a double pram.
That's a great tip, I've seen the pram on your social media when you were dropping pamphlets to promote your business, which I thought was an AMAZING idea!
What has been the hardest thing about being a mum? 
The hardest thing about being a mum...that is a tough question to answer however I would have to say the hardest thing about being a mum is making time for me. Not just to treat myself to go to get my hair done or massage but I find it hard to leave the kids with anyone including my husband even to go to the dentist, or to the shops as I feel they are my responsibility to take care of.


I think that's something we all feel at some point - mum guilt!
Best hack for everyday life with your little cherubs?
Make extra dinner and freeze it in smaller containers for easy lunch/ dinner for babies or children. Saves so much time if time is limited, if you are not feeling the best, or if you have to go out and feed them on the run. :) 

Oh that's an awesome idea! I never thought to do that, that would be handy on nights when it is just me to look after haha!

Thank you so much again Danni for your time! Wishing you the best with the new website!

I hope everyone has an incredible week!

Any questions, do reach out or suggestions of who you would like to see interviewed next!
Renee x

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  • Great to see small businesses supporting one another. I will definitely be purchasing a baby gift basket from Danni in the near future. Xx

    Carol Gurnett

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