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Meet the Mama Q&A with Casey
Mama to Reina

Happy Monday!

Today we chat with Casey, Mama to Reina and furmama to Kora - the photos of Reina and Kora will make your heart melt!

Two besties, so so cute!

Hi and welcome Casey! Lovely to chat with you today!
Start by telling us a little about your family!
My husband and I married in September 2016 (the day before our engagement party) we wrote and recorded a rap (to the theme song of The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air) to play at our engagement party to announce that we'd married the day before, in February 2017 our gorgeous staffy; Kora joined the family, and in February 2021 we welcomed our beautiful little girl; Reina.

That is the coolest love story!
Are you currently a stay at home Mama or juggling work and home life?
I returned to full time work when Reina was 4.5 months old.

I was about the same also, I quite enjoy having time with Charli but also working and having something to focus on.
Tell us a little about your birth story, anything you would change if you could?
Due to hypertension & GD, I was scheduled to be induced at 38 weeks.
I went in the night before for the required checks and had the tape inserted, my waters broke naturally while walking from my room to the birthing suite. I’d opted to have an epidural, this was organised relatively quickly and I was hooked up to the induction drip. Labour progressed slowly throughout the morning, I had a very much craved egg sandwich for lunch and everything after that was a blur.
My little girl's heart rate dropped below 100bpm and stayed that low for more than 4.5 minutes, her head was no longer in the birth canal and we were rushed to theatre CAT1 for an emergency caesarean. She had moved that far back up that they had to use forceps during the caesarean to pull her down in order to get her out. She was rushed straight over to the CPAP machine, seventeen of the longest minutes of my life passed before my perfect little girl was placed in my arms.

Oh wow, that would have been the longest time waiting to hold your little cherub and scary!
What did you crave the most when you were pregnant?
Probably bacon, I'm pretty sure I consumed more bacon during my pregnancy than any one person would consume in a life time HAHA

What would be your number one piece of advice for someone about to have their first little cherub?
Arm yourself with as much information as you’re able, store all the advice you’re given but only use what you feel is best for you & your situation. Even a first-time parent will know what’s best for their baby.

So true. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will have an opinion or advice so just take what you need!
What has been the most exciting milestone your little cherub has reached?
They're all as equally as exciting as the previous but Reina said 'Dada' for the first time while we were out celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.

Wow - that will be a night you will both never forget and will make a great story for your little cherubs 21st! 
What would you say is the best item you purchased for your little cherub?
That’s a toss up between my Rudie Nudie Waterproof Playmat for nappy free-time & messy play, and my Silkytot Silk Cot Sleeve (Reina has SO much hair and I was terrified of bald spots, which we have managed to avoid).

Love LOVE the Rudie Nudie Playmats! They are the best!
Have you been "mum shamed"?
I’d been back at work for around 2 months when someone ‘jokingly’ shamed me for working full time while daycare educators "raise" my daughter.
Ouch - that would be hurtful. I hope you told them so!
What has been the hardest thing about being a mum?
Constantly being hassled to have another baby and being told I'm selfish when I say that we're 'one and done'.

Agreed! People do not like to hear "one and done", it always comes with so much judgement!

Thank you so much Casey for sharing a little about you and your beautiful family!
You can follow Casey over at @c_peisley

Have a beautiful week!


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