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Meet the Mama Q&A with Hannah
Mama to London

Today we are chatting with the beautiful Hannah from @hannah_schroder
Hannah is an amazing Beauty & Mama Blogger who I have known for a few years now. We met at an event in Melbourne, and as she is an Influencer I remember being so nervous to say hello but Hannah was so friendly, made me feel so comfortable and ever since then she has been so supportive of me and my Mama journey.

Hannah and her Husband, Brett, were so kind that they even made the slideshow that was played at my Mum's funeral - something I will be forever grateful for as I honestly had no idea what I was doing with it!

I recommend you pop over and follow Hannah on Instagram. She is extremely real about her Mama journey with London and shares some beautiful content too!
Ok, enough of me chatting away, let's get to know Hannah a little more.

Tell us a little about you and your little family.
My name is Hannah, I’m 31 and married to Brett who is also 31. We’ve been together 11 years and we have a daughter called London.

London is adorable, I love the photo of her trying broccoli ha!
Tell us about your birth story. Is there anything you would change or do differently if you could re-do it?
Our birth story is long and eventful 😂 So I will give the abbreviated version which is still long.
My labour was 49hrs total.
My waters broke early hours of 26th January 2021.
I started contracting but was only in early labour.
I was admitted to hospital that night at 7pm as they needed to start drip antibiotics because the risk of infection increases when your water breaks but your baby isn’t delivered. 
The following morning 27th January at 9am they started drip induction to try and help labour along. I was glad I’d had some natural contractions in the lead up because the induction contractions were next level. 
I managed to make it to the late afternoon before needing the epidural. At that stage I was still only 4cm dilated so we knew it was going to be a long night.
Epidural was in and I was able to rest.
By 10pm I was fully dilated and ready to push.
It all started fine but then I suddenly started to experience intense pelvis pain despite having the epidural. I tried to push through for 2 hours and during that time I cried, vomited, pooped myself and started to pass out from the pain of the contractions and being so exhausted. I knew something was wrong and I begged them to call my OB in. He arrived and he confirmed Bubs was stuck and we’d need an emergency c section.
By 2am 28th January London was born! 
I wouldn’t change anything! London’s birth is London’s birth and how it all came about was how it was meant to happen. 

That's perfect thinking, I am the same. Even though having an emergency c-section is incredibly scary, I wouldn't change a thing with Charli's birth.
Are you a SAHM or juggling work and home life? 
I work casually for my parents who own a funeral home, just doing administration when they are busy and need the extra hands.

That's handy you are able to do that, I bet your parents love seeing more of London also. What was the hardest thing you found about being pregnant?
I had a very easy pregnancy up until 35 weeks when I started to develop high blood pressure and bad swelling so I ended up being classed high risk having to attend maternity every 2 days for checks and I was just incredibly uncomfortable and generally felt unwell and off for the final weeks of pregnancy.

I think everyone can agree, by the end of our pregnancy's we are just ready for bubs to come out haha! What did you crave the most when you were pregnant?
Green apples with vanilla yogurt.

Oh my, that's different - I haven't heard of that combination, I love it. I didn't really crave to much, but I was keen for Christmas Ham! 
Did you find everything you heard about giving birth accurate? Or did you hear a few fibs?
The only fib I was told was I had to remove my acrylics before I went into labour incase of an emergency c section. That’s not true 😂

Yes! I remember us speaking about this. I wish I hadn't removed mine, in all the birth photos my fingers look like little stubbs. Best advice for someone who is about to have a baby?
Listen to the kick pregnancy podcast 🥰

I haven't heard of that, but I have linked it above for anyone interested in having a listen - I have only gotten into podcasts this year, I am a tad behind! What are the must haves for your hospital bag? What did you wish you’d packed and what didn’t you need?
You can find my actual hospital checklist here.
I didn’t end up dressing London at all in hospital though. We did skin to skin the whole time. She was only dressed when we left.

Do you remember that I made up several bags in all different sizes for the hospital, and I did exactly the same - Charli wore nothing until the day we left haha!
What has been the most exciting milestone your baby/babies has reached?Rolling! I thought her rolling would be pretty delayed because she has hip dysplasia and has to wear a brace a lot but at 5 months she rolled.

London is such a little champ at rolling! What’s the best item you purchased for baby/babies?
I love our lollipop baby monitor and capsule.

What would you say is the best everyday hack for life with a bubba?
For a baby 6 months and under just follow their lead and don’t stress yourself out over routine and having yourself shit together.. just go with the flow.

So true!! Ever been mum-shamed?
All the time being on social media. Especially for having acrylics which is funny. People genuinely think I will impale my child with my acrylic nails.

Haha yes, I found that hilarious. I had the same thing with the nurses, and everyone kept asking me how I would manage but when you've had them for 10+ years its actually harder to manage without them!
What are some of challenges you’ve faced since becoming a mum?
Being permanently tired.

I know that feeling, and just when you start getting some good sleep everything changes! What has been the best thing about becoming a mum?
Being London’s mum period.

Who would have thought all those years ago, we would both have bubba's the same age! How have you changed as a person since London arrived?
Everything’s changed! I’m not the same person I was before London and everything I care about now is totally different but I love it. My world revolves around London and being the best parent I can be for her and enjoying every minute with her. Time is already flying by and I just want to soak it all up and be as present with her as possible.

Thank you so much for your time Hannah, you are an absolute rockstar and I value our friendship so much. Can't wait for covid to be sorted and our bubba's can finally meet!

If you'd like to watch Hannah's videos, you can do so on her YouTube channel here.

Have a wonderful week!
Renee xx

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