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Meet the Mama Q&A
Jess - Mama to Freya

Today, we chat with Jess who is mum to Freya. We met at the local Hockey club and since having our cherubs, Jess and I have often chatted about our girls and how they are growing up with Jess providing some great tips around books for Charli and sensory play ideas.

Lovely to chat with you today Jess, to start with tell us a little more about your family.
My name is Jess and I am 30 years old. I am a primary school teacher and have a beautiful daughter, Freya with my partner of 9 years. Freya is 10 months old.

Tell us how Freya made her entrance into this world. Is there anything you would change or do differently?
I was induced at 39+6 weeks because my waters broke and I was positive to GBS. I laboured for 11 hours (6 of those on epidural) and pushed for only 20 minutes for Freya to be born on her exact due date!! I did suffer from significant tears and blood loss because of the fast delivery so needed to be moved to theatre to be looked after for over 3 hours. I wish I got more time to have skin to skin with Freya as soon as she was born, but now looking back I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Describe Freya in a single sentence.
An adventurous and determined girl wrapped in all the sass a little person can handle!

Freya is just the cutest, watching her with her books is such an inspiration to me with Charli!
What has been the most exciting milestone your baby/babies has reached?
Crawling, standing up independently and furniture crawling (almost walking!!). As much as it is so exhausting to constantly be watching her every move, it was so amazing to see it all unfold within a matter of a couple of weeks!

 We are nearly at that stage with Charli, and I am slightly terrified and excited for her to start crawling!
What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mum?
You will become obsessed with poo!

Haha, that is so true. The colour, consistency. Never thought it would be something I would be so concerned about. 
What has been the hardest thing about being a mum?
For me personally, having a highly routined, organised and professional job in teaching, I found it really hard to ‘go with the flow’ of a newborn/baby. I also struggled (and still do) coming to terms with leaving my old life behind. I was such an active person and all that had to stop because of the distress my body went through in labour. Saying that, I know my body needs the rest now and it will get back to doing those things one day!

Sometimes, I think woman are told by the media and "influencers" that they need to bounce back, straight into how their life was before in terms of fitness when that isn't realistic at all. 
What has been the best thing about becoming a mum?
The cuddles, the unconditional love and knowing that you are all they need right at this very moment in their life.

Charli has just started resting her head on my should when I hold her, and honestly I love it so much! 
The best advice you could give someone about to become a new mum?
Listen to all the advice you get from others but only take on board the bits that YOU want to take on board and that will work with your family.

That's so true, I love asking people's opinions and then forming my own whether it be in regards to food, sleeping and so on. 
Best hack for everyday life with Freya?
I could only breastfeed for 4 weeks so Freya then went onto formula. The best hack is to prepare your formula containers and water for the bottles in the morning (like you are going out for the day). It will save you so much time during the day and when you have a hungry, screaming baby they will be ready to mix, shake and feed!

I love that, that's a great tip! I have been doing that for nightfeeds and it has worked a treat for us!

Thank you for sharing a little insight into your journey with motherhood. As I always tell you, I love that you are real and willing to share just how it is.

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