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Quick, easy & simple Fried Rice!

You may have noticed from my previous creations, I rarely follow the recipe. 

This Fried Rice is not the exception either, I honestly throw together whatever I have in the fridge/freezer and away we go. You could add in BBQ chicken, beef strips and even prawns!

I love that this can be eaten on its own, or as a side and the best bit - the rice is perfect for little exploring fingers and practicing their pincer grip!

* Please note this meal contains allergens so always check if suitable before giving this meal to your little cherub *

What you will need!
250grams of middle bacon, rind removed
1cup of frozen vegetables - I like the corn, pea & carrot mix
Microwave rice
100grams Chinese BBQ Pork (I recently found my local Woolworths stocking this!)
Sesame oil to taste - roughly 1-2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons of salt reduced soy sauce 
2-3 eggs

How to make it!
Heating a drizzle of olive oil, cook the shallots, bacon and Chinese BBQ Pork

Add the frozen vegetables and stir till cooked

Heat the microwave rice as per the packet instructions then add to the frypan

Add your sesame oil and soy sauce and stir to combine.


Crack 1 egg into a bowl and whisk, create a well in the rice and add egg. 


When nearly cooked, mix until you have a scrambled effect - then mix through rest of rice mixture. Repeat with however many eggs you plan to use.

Add salt and pepper to taste and you're ready to serve!

This would be a great way to use up any Christmas leftovers in the coming weeks!

What are you making this week? I would love to hear!